The Man with a Bicycle:

A young businessman goes to work everyday on the same freeway. For years he has been passing a particular hill which he thinks would be fun to go down on a bicycle. One day he decides to buy a bicycle. Because the hill is on the poor side of town, he decides he doesn't want to buy a good bicycle, he just wants a cheap one. Then he dresses down with old torn shorts and worn out sneakers and drives his Mercedes to a safe area near the poor zone and near the hill which he has seen from the freeway. He experiences the thrill of riding down the hill, but at the end there is a road of sharp gravel and both of the cheap tires come off all the way to the rims. He discovers that the closest route back to his car is to walk his bicycle through the spaces between the single story white wood sided low income housing. As he passes by there are low income white folks in their backyards kicking back in lawn chairs and drinking beer. One overweight t-shirt sporting older white guy says, "Don't worry, Bud, it happens to people who buy expensive bikes, too, only they're usually dressed better.".

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