Meerkats are eternally optimistic, they face overwhelming odds to survive in a hostle desert environment equiped only with experience and teamwork which helps to make up for their diminutive size. Avy offers a point of view that is unique to someone who lives close to the ground.

Avyism #1 : Diminutive Dilemma:
Fear isn't everything when you're big and powerful,
but when you're small it is the only thing.

Avyism #2 : Options Trading Analogy:
There is this big pot that contains gold coins. Surrounding this big pot are large older men in business suits that are standing shoulder to shoulder facing the pot. These men do not feel obliged to share their coins. Sometimes the ship lists to the side and some of the coins shift to an area of the pot which you can reach. It is still not a good idea to be aggressive during these times. However, after a while you can figure out when the ship is going to list and you can be ready.

Avyism #3 : The Thing About BigFoots:
When a "liberal" puts $20 million on the line it's "gambling".
When a "conservative" puts $20 million on the line it's "investing".
There's a big difference in where and how they do it.
We'll still be watching the conservatives next year.

Avyism #4 : Time Bandits Explained:
Once a year between July 1 and August 15 when the two-year-out June S&P500 index options become available for trading for the first time, one of two possible windows will appear on the inside of a fifth story office building somewhere in Chicago. if Window #1 appears and you jump out this window, there is a very nice slide which comfortably takes you for a ride down to the ground. At the bottom of the slide there is a big bag of money that hangs down in front of you. You open your arms wide and embrace the big soft bag of money as it hits you in the face. Then you get to keep most of the money that's in the bag. If Window #2 appears and you jump out, there is no slide and the results are obvious. The decision that the "Time Bandit" makes is whether the market is going to be markedly "up" or "up some" eighteen months from now. The "Time Bandits" are not going to jump unless they are confident that the slide will be there. If they don't jump, then they have done their homework and they think that for this year anyway, it is not a good idea.

Avyism #5 : What's the difference between Rust and Patina?
"Patina" is what the Seller calls it,
"Rust" is what the Buyer calls it.

Avyism #6 : Option.pathetics
Option.pathetics is a term for people who charge $3000 to teach individuals to become amateur players in a game dominated by professionals.

Avyism #7 : The Story of Williams
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Avyism #8 : Smart Money   vs.   Dumb Money
The "Smart Money" is the money with the money.
The "Dumb Money" is the money with the margin,
who use their margin to cover the smart money's bets.

i.e. "Follow the Money not the Margin".

Avyism #9 : On the Danger of OverFocus.
The Most Important Thing is NOT to make the
Most Important Thing the Only Thing.

Avyism #10 : On the Danger of Margin.
Q: Is true that if you guess right then it doesn't matter
how large the margin requirement was??
A: Only if you guess right .

Avyism #11 : On Spending It.
Don't spend your winnings until your positions close.

Avyism #12 : Trading Options is Like the Man with a Bicycle.
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