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Some Studies
by spxyderware
  All these downloadable documents are Word (.doc) files.
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These are updated regularly
How Far Can A Rattle Snake Jump?
(history of SPX settlement values)
107 kb
These are Legacy studies.
Premium Study #1 -- This is an interesting study.
(Do the at-the-money put/call premiums predict future settlement values?)
148 kb
GapMan Study #1
.. There's not just more money involved than you think...
.. There's a lot more money involved than you think..
.. If you don't know what a GapMan is then check the BigFoot Hall of Fame..
160 kb
Is the Nord Express Always Right ???
(the answer may surprise you)
24 kb
Option Months Available for Trading
(Schedule of how Options are opened for trading each month,
helps to understand OiMatrix which is "OM" tab of OptionBT)
35 kb
Time Bandit Harvest of December 2002
(these positions originated in August and November of 2001)
24 kb
Open Interest In-The-Money Study #1
(Asks, "Is there a relationship between current in-the-money put and call
  open interest and the future direction of the market".)
74 kb

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