What is the Big Foot Hall of Fame?

The BigFoot Hall of Fame is a set of trading examples.
The purpose of the BFHof is to educate.
When S&P 500 index options trades occur they generate a volume " Footprint ".
Thus the name " BigFoot ".
The volume signature of the " BigFoot " is more easily detected in the out months where the number of transactions is reduced.
          All the examples in the BFHof are made of S&P500 Index Options.
With only an exception or two, end-of-the-day data sets were used to capture each example. All screens shown in the descriptions were made by OptionBT (BigFoot Tracker). We apologize for the download times, but we felt it would be easier to explain the " sighting " if the full picture were shown.
          We don't know any of these BigFoot traders, if you are one and
          we have incorrectly analyzed your trade, we would love to hear from you.          
"Candidates" :
These are the BigFoot which are "currently active". The options in these transactions have not yet closed. The option expiration date is still in the future.
"Winners" :
To become a true member of the BFHof, the call (or the strategy) must hold up through options expiration. The position must provide a profit if held to expiration of all the options and settled for cash.
S&P 500 Index Options are European style.
The BigFoot are not under any pressure from early exercise.

( It is true that most index option trades are not held until expiration.
This artificial "winners" criteria is used because it puts a further burden on the
strength of the position in terms of market direction. )

[Yes, we have made exceptions when a BigFoot has demonstrated exceptional
prowess, we have acknowledged his work even though he took the money and ran.]

"Disclaimer" :
Anyone who has looked at the total transaction list for a day from the time and sales desk knows that the volumes at the end of the day can contain a large number of transactions. Why then represent these examples as if they were true single party trades? Even though there is no proof that the end of day volumes are depicting individual trades, these volumes do support these examples. The examples represent trades that could have been made under the conditions and the results are verifiable.
In the event that you wish to build your own system to track the BigFoot see the Site Map for access to the available free historical data base. Good Luck and happy hunting.

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