The following is the OptionBT sighting of    "Buy Buy FBI".
Go to Description Section Title   :   "Buy Buy FBI"      Position taken   :     July 02,2001
Position Description   :
Three Months ahead of September 11,2001.
Seventeen Months out for the Dec 02 puts.
Two years out for the Jun 03 puts.
Expiration/Settlement    :
     (side note: September 2001 / Settlement = 939.57)
     December 2002 / Settlement = 891.11
     June 2003   / Settlement = 1001.56
Count   :                           tons
Credit or (Debit)   :            (unbelivable cost)
Margin   :                          (probably none)
Results   :                          a large Fortune

Comments   :   "Buy Buy FBI"

There is probably some benign explanation for these positions.
But, it certainly does appear that someone wants to buy every put that anyone will sell.
There appears to be an urgency to get these transactions done.
The June 2003 puts just became available for sale on this day, July 02,2001 (two months prior to 9/11).
This explains why the Open Interest is zero for all of the June 03 Puts.
It is also very rare to see this level of activity this far out.
It might have been that those who covered these bets would not take these positions without giving themselves plenty of time to recover.
This forced the buyers to spend more while reducing the risk of the sellers.

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