The following is the OptionBT sighting of    "Mister 300".
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Title   :   "Mister 300"      Position taken   :     August 09,2001
Position Description   :
      Sixteen Months out until expiration,
      100 point vertical bear call spread for credit,
      Long the 02Dec1350 and short the 02Dec1250 Calls,
      the short side was out of the money by 67 points.
Expiration/Settlement    :    December 2002 / Settlement = 891.11
Count   :                             300 pairs
Credit or (Debit)   :           $1,200,000
Margin   :                           $3,000,000
Results   :                          + $1,200,000

Comments   :   "Mister 300"
  "Mister 300" doesn't want his $3M worth of margin to sit idly by.
For some reason "M300" feels very secure with this early August 2001 strategy. With the market only 67 points below his short calls and the relatively long term (16 months) until expiration, this approach might appear a little risky. "M300" is not detered. Maybe that is why he is right so often.
That's right "M300" is a habitual scourge to all those who bet against him. He has often appeared in counts of 200 and 300 all about the same time of the year and always a little different approach. Sometimes a strait vertical spread as we have here and sometimes other more colorful and creative combinations. The main thing that stands out, well, two things, one "M300" likes the margin around $3M and two he always wins.
"M300" bet that the market would decline (not knowing that 9-11 was a month away). However the market never went high enough to threaten his 1250 short side at any time during the ensuing sixteen months.
Congratulations to "Mister 300". We are always on the look out for you each summer. Maybe someday we will have the confidence in your predictions that you have in yourself.

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